Supply List


Here is a list of ongoing supplies needed for our schools.  If you would like to donate supplies they can be dropped off to Common Grounds Church in Decatur, IN all year long.  We also do a supply drive twice a year in February and July at several of our local churches in Decatur, IN.

Address Labels (Clear and White)
Baby Wipes
Backpacks (No Wheels)
Black Sharpie Markers (Regular & Fine Tip)
Brown Lunch Sacks
Card Stock (white)
Clothing Gloves (for recess in the cold weather)
Clothing:  Coats (for recess in the cold weather)
Clothing:  Hats (for recess in the cold weather)
Clothing:  Shirts
Clothing:  Shoes
Clothing:  Socks
Clothing:  Sweatpants (Sizes 3-10)
Clothing:  Sweatshirts (Sizes 3-10)
Clothing:  Underwears (Sizes 4-10)
Colored Copy Paper
Colored Pencils:  Regular
Colored Pencils:  Twistable
Construction Paper (multiple colors)
Crayons:  24 Count
Crayons:  Twistable
Disinfectant Wipes
Dixie Cups
Dry Erase:  Erasers
Dry Erase:  Markers
Ear Buds
Folders:  2 Pocket
Glue Sticks
Hand Sanitizer
Highlighters:  Yellow & other assorted colors
Jump Ropes
Lysol – the liquid kind for cleaning tables
Magnetic Paper
Magnetic Strips
Markers:  Washable
Paint Shirt
Paper Plates:  White
Paper Towels
Paper:  Spiral Bound 1 Subject Notebooks
Paper:  Wide-Ruled Notebook Paper
Pencil Box (School Box)
Pencil Top Erasers
Pencils:  #2
Pencils:  Fancy Decorated
Pink Erasers
Printable Sticker Paper
Recess Balls (Basketballs, Kickballs, Four Square Balls)
Rubber Bands
Ruler with Metric (not flexible):  12 Inch
Scotch Tape
Scotch Tape Refills
Sharpie Markers:  Black
Student Reward Stickers
Velcro (Dots & Strips)
Ziploc Bags (Quart & Gallon Sizes)
Gym Shoes (non-marking sole tennis shoes)

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