Jenny Hill, President

Jenny has been married to her husband, Dave, for 19 years.  They have three girls, Jaylee (6), Briella (4), and Malia (2).  They moved to Decatur, IN fourteen years ago when her husband accepted a youth ministry position there.  She has been actively involved in her husbands youth ministry programs and recently accepted a part time position with Youth for Christ as the Bellmont Middle School Campus Life Director.






Jackie Morris, Vice President

Jacki has been married to her husband Tim for 16 years, they have 3 children, Owen (16), Andrew (14) and Faith (12) Jacki taught at Northwest Elementary for 5 years until she entered ministry full time as the children’s pastor at Common Ground Church where she has been for 3 years.







Abby Bird, Secretary

Abby and her husband Jason have 3 children.  The have live in the North Adams Community.  Abby is actively involved in her church and the PTO for her children’s schools.










Kelly Roby, Treasurer

Kelly and her husband, Josh, live in Decatur, with their son, Luke (12). She is in her 14th year of teaching for North Adams Community Schools. She and her family enjoy spending time at the lake, hiking at state parks, traveling, playing ping pong in their basement, and watching movies. Their life motto is “Every day is a gift, so enjoy the people God puts in your life!”






Derek Hanni, One Body Liaison

Derek is a college student who is very passionate about mission work in Haiti.  He has spent 3 summers in Haiti as part of a mission team working with Mission of Hope.  He is majoring in early childhood education.  He is part of a team of college age students who have come together to make a difference in their community with an organization called One Body.





Nikki Heckert

Nikki Heckert

Nikki was born and raised in Decatur. She and her husband, Lucas, have two very active children, Austin(16) and Kylie (12). Most days you can find her cheering on her kids at track, cross country, swimming, volleyball or softball. She has been active with the PTO for numerous years and previously held positions as Vice-President and Treasurer. Nikki is looking forward to this new opportunity to help children and schools in the community. 






Dave Hill, Bellmont Campus LIfe Liaison

Dave is a long time youth pastor who currently works for Youth for Christ as the Bellmont High School Campus Life Director.  He and his wife, Jenny have three girls, Jaylee (6), Briella (4), and Malia (2).   He loves to spend time with his family, work out and the gym, and is passionate about seeing every student on the Bellmont campus know the love of Jesus!





Cathy Hullinger, Southeast Primary School Liaison

Cathy Hullinger, Southeast Primary School Liaison

Cathy hand her husband Trent have a beautiful little girl.  She is a Kindergarten teacher at one of the schools we serve.








Trisha Gose, Box Tops Coordinator

Trisha Gose was born and raised in Decatur and received her Elementary Education Degree from Ball State University. She recently returned to the area and is thrilled to be a first grade teacher at Southeast Primary School, where she has been teaching for 3 years. Trisha is passionate about teaching and believes all children should feel loved and protected. She loves to take pictures and photographs family and friends any chance she gets! She also shares a love for baking with her mom and sisters! Trisha is a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church and feels blessed to share her faith in Christ throughout her daily life.



Kara Martin, Hope Chest Liaison

Kara Martin, Hope Chest Liaison

Kara and her husband Kyle have two children.  Kara is employed at one of the elementary schools we serve.  She is very active with her kids.







Holly Mishler

Holly Mishler

Holly and her husband Doug have two grown children and are both educators.  Holly taught Kindergarten for 12 years and is now teaching children grades K-5 who have English as their second language.  She published her first children’s book, “Grandma’s Garden,” in 2012.  Her hobbies include gardening, photography, quilting, and canning.






Kristie Morehouse

Kristie Morehouse

Kristie has been a resident of Decatur for the past 8 years. She and her husband of 13 years, Andrew, have four children; Tre (18), Keeley (16), Macie (10), and Lizzie (7). Kristie works as an insurance claims investigator for Praxis Consulting, Inc. She has been an active member with the North Adams Community Schools PTO for the past 5 years. She has also served as Secretary and President of the PTO board. Kristie is passionate about enhancing the educational environment for every child in the community.




Keri Salway, Northwest Elementary School Liaison

Keri Salway, Northwest Elementary School Liaison

Keri Salway has been married to her husband Josh for 10 years. They have four children, Sophia (8), Everett (6), Easton (2) and Elliott (9 months). Keri teaches 3rd grade at Northwest and when she is not teaching at Northwest, she enjoys helping with the children’s flag football, basketball and cheer programs at her church.

Pictures Courtesy of Rebeccah Liechty with AOU Photography


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