Where churches become the lifeline to schools.

Serving our Schools, Inc. is a not for profit organization serving students and teachers in the North Adams Community School District.  We are currently serving in the two elementary school with students ranging from Pre-K to 4th grade.  Our current main focus is to get the needed school supplies to teachers and students so that every child has a fair chance to get the most out of their education.  We hope to soon expand into five different ministry with a Christ centered focus.

All this is made possible with the partnership of the local church.


Showing God’s love through local churches becoming the lifeline to students and teachers in our community by meeting their immediate needs and partnering with the schools to prepare students for a brighter future.


School Supplies / Box Top$:

We will offer two schools supply drives a year (July & February).  Churches can help with this by promoting the drives and placing a barrel at their church to collect the supplies in.  The supplies will be given to public school to help provide supplies for teachers and students.  We will also use them to give to families in need of them at registration and to create a new student welcome packets.  The welcome packet will help a transfer student start off with the necessary supplies.

We have Box Top$ collection cans at local churches and businesses.  The Box Top$ are collected and then divided equally to the schools that SOS serves.

Student Personal Needs:

We hope to eventually offer funds for students and families in need things for school other than school supplies (such as:  eye glasses, shoes, snow boots, winter jackets, etc.)  We could also do this by working with local businesses to donate items or services needed.

Prayer for Schools:

We would like to see church congregations join us as we walk through the school halls and pray for the teachers and students.  We would do this before the first day of school and before ISTEP testing.


We would like to help churches partner with schools to “adopt a grade”.  Congregation members would be paired with a child to show them God’s love by helping them with homework, eating lunch at school with them, taking them out to do something fun, and simply just encouraging them to be great!

School Preparation :

We have future ideas to help prepare the school for their first day. By helping clean the building, maybe some minor maintenance projects, landscaping, playground clean up and repair. We would also like to spread the word to Kindergarten parents what their child needs to know before entering Kindergarten. We will do this by getting the information into every preschool, at doctor’s offices and community agencies such as the library.


We would like to duplicate everything we are doing and share it with other communities so they to can change the life of students at their schools.  Together we can all reach the world for Christ!

We also hope to partner with other local ministries to help them supply hygiene products and food to students and families in need and help educate families about the programs offered in our community that help meet their needs.

Click below to see a PDF of our organization at a glance.



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